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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information

MIDI Retractable Cable Reel

  • MIDI-20-S


    Instantly wind up 15 feet of MIDI cable with 1 pull!  The Stage Ninja MIDI-20-S is equipped with premium MIDI cable. The retractable end is 15 feet and has premium MIDI connectors.  The static end is 6 feet and features premium MIDI connectors. The durable, seamless ABS plastic housing is available with interchangeable wall mounting strap and rugged, canvas handle options.  Eliminates cord winding, cord tangles and stage/studio clutter with instant cable retraction.  This is an excellent tool for maximum efficiency.

    Premium MIDI cable with premium MIDI connectors.

    Rugged, black, seamless plastic housing.

    3 female threaded holes for versatile mounting options.

    Includes wall mounting strap and canvas handle attachment.

    Reel pulls out and locks to desired length.

    One pull and reel retracts instantly.

    Constant tension available as well.

    Reel Diameter 7.5 inches.

    Height 2.5 inches.

    1/4-20 threading inside three mounting posts.

    Not intended for outdoor use.

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