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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information

CAT5-40-S Retractable Data Cable Reel

  • CAT-5-40-S


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    The CAT5-40-S houses 40 feet of retractable premium CAT5e unshielded, 350MHz cable with an RJ45 connector. The static end is 3 feet with an RJ45 connector. The powder coated black steel, military grade housing comes standard with a flat mounting strap that can be fastened to a desktop, cabinet, or rack mount. Ceiling mounts and constant tension available upon request.   Eliminates cord winding, cord tangles and stage/studio clutter with instant cable retraction.  This is an excellent tool for maximum efficiency.

    The CAT5-40-S Features:

    40 feet of CAT5e cable on the retractable end.

    3 feet of CAT5e cable on the static (fixed) end.

    Premium CAT5e cable with stock RJ-45 connectors on each end.

    Cable is housed in a black, military grade, steel housing, offering the best protection of the premium cable and an extended use life.

    This style of reel comes with a stock wall mounting bracket, however we offer ceiling mounting bracket kits available here.

    Ability to pull cable to desired length, (it locks in place). Giving the cable another pull will unlock it and the cable instantly retracts into protective housing. (cable returns quickly, please use with caution!)

    This reel is available in constant tension. Click here to learn more.

    This Reel is 9 inches in diameter. The thickness of the reel is ~ 3.5 inches (this thickness is depending on the mounting style selected).

    10 inches from mounting hole to mounting hole (Stock, flat mounting strap).

    Mounting holes are 0.438 inches in diameter (Stock, flat mounting strap).

    This reel has a total height of 11 inches (Stock, flat mounting strap).

    This reel comes with a standard one year, limited warranty. For more information please see our warranty section here.

    This reel is NOT intended for outdoor use. Keep in a dry place.

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