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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information

Stage Ninja® 20 Foot Retractable Quad Tap 12/3 Power Reel

  • STX-20-4


    Instant Retraction! The Stage Ninja STX-20-4 offers consistent organization for your work space and efficiently reduces set-up and tear down-time. Durable 12/3 power cable reel with over molded connectors for longer life. Pull cable to desired length (it locks in place); give the cable another pull to unlock. Cable instantly retracts into protective housing. The retractable cord is 20 feet with a 4-tap 20 amp NEMA 520R head. The static male end is 3 feet 15 amp NEMA 515P and features an on-board circuit breaker. The compact black powder coated steel housing features an eye hook and wall or ceiling mounting bracket. Constant tension is available upon request. Stage Ninja Power Reels have the strongest retraction on the market.

    Black powder coated steel housing

    High tension lock and release mechanism

    Swivel ceiling or wall mounting bracket included

    12/3 AWG, SJTW

    3 foot static male 15 amp NEMA 515P with circuit breaker

    20 foot retractable female 20 amp 4-tap NEMA 520R head

    1875 watts 125 volts 15 amps

    C/UL/US E38671

    Constant tension available upon request

    Total hanging length in bracket 11 inches

    Reel thickness 3.25 inches

    Reel diameter 9.25 inches

    Install or use in dry location

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