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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information

Pro 19ft Instrument Cable with Carbon Techflex

  • INS-19-RT


    This cable features 18 feet of 22 awg premium, robust jacketed instrument cable.  One side features a genuine right-angle neutrik connector.  The other side features a straight genuine Neutrik connector. Stage Ninja™ instrument cable is made with 96% braided copper sheilding.  The Carbon Techflex™ Protective Jacket helps to protect the outer jacketing of the Stage Ninja Pro Cable from stage abuse to prevent kinking, tears and general stage wear.

    18 feet of 22 awg premium instrument cable

    Robust Carbon Techflex™ Protective Jacket

    Genuine right-angle np2rx neutrik connector

    Genuine straight np2x Neutrik connector

    96% braided copper shielding.

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