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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information
  • 2CAT6-30-CT

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    Premium hi-flex, dual CAT6 shielded cables sleeved in Techflex with industrial RJ45 connectors. Industrial reel chassis with superior spring and slip ring life. Tension adjustable by adding or removing wraps on pretensioned drum. Configured for constant tension so cable moves freely with attached equipment. Use integrated bus drop grip to provide strain relief for retractable connectors.

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    Premium CAT6 shielded cable with industrial RJ45 connectors

    30 foot retractible end with 18″ fanout/RJ45s; 3 foot static end

    Durable powder coated steel housing with built-in base

    Reel diameter 12 inch
    Reel thickness 2.75 inch

    Locking/releasing available upon request; request custom 2CAT6-30-LR

    Configured for constant tension

    Install or use in dry location

    Custom solutions available here.

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