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Call 1-866-889-5782 for Product Information

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    Performance Series Retractable Reels

    With twice the spring life of our standard Pro Reels, the new Stage Ninja Performance Series boasts 50 feet of premium cable with connecters by Neutrik and Canare (standard RJ45 available). These reels sport a heavy duty, industrial reel chassis. Designed for rigorous performance, they are especially suitable for mounting to trusses or rigging for overhead constant tension installations.

    We will be launching with four cable choices – DMX, XLR4 Scroller cable, CAT6 and HDSDI with BNC. Numerous options are available through the custom shop and standard models will be available through our retailers starting spring of 2023. Click the features tab for more details.

    DMX – CBI Cables DMX cable with Neutrik DMX connectors
    XLR4 – Lex DMX 4 Pin XLR Color Changer Scroller cable with Neutrik XLR4 connectors
    CAT6 – Rugged Quabbin DataMax Extreme tactical cable with Neutrik Ethercon connectors
    HDSDI – Flexygy HD RG6 Extra Flexible 3G cable with Canare BNC connectors

    50 foot retractable end; 3 foot static end

    Durable powder coated steel housing with built in mounting bracket

    Overall reel dimensions:
    Depth 12.625 inch
    Height 12.875 inch
    Width 9.375

    4 mounting holes separated by 8 inches on depth and 2.5 inches on width

    Pull cable to desired length (it locks in place); give the cable another pull to unlock

    Constant tension available

    Install or use in dry location

    Custom lengths available here.

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